Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings v1.1 KONTAKT-Minified

Modern Scoring Strings is a completely new string library ” a2 “divisi (2 parts divisi per section), consisting of 60 parts, which has been meticulously designed by recording different Divisi sections (half a section at a time) giving you more flexibility, control over each instrument and section, variety of articulations and bow techniques.

The breadth of articulations and bowing techniques were chosen to offer an enormous range of colors and emotions for your productions.

Since the release of LA Scoring Strings in 2009, we have been asked repeatedly when Audiobro will release a new or updated strings library. We have always said that we would do it only as soon as we believed that we could push the quality and versatility of strings sampling forward a generation. We think you’ll agree that we have.

— — — — — MINIFIED INFO — — — — — — —

Since I like to have many Kontakt libraries but don’t want to fill my hard drives with them, I minify them, keeping only what I really need from them.

The default version of the library is the full (16GB), with all articulations (except some Aleatoric and Full Mix patches – no sound with Close mic).

If you don’t need some of the more “exotic” articulations (Trills, SulTasto, SulPont, Runs, Scales, Ostinato, Aleatoric), you can make it even smaller (9.6GB) by removing the “MSS_samples_extra_1/2/3/4” files from the “Samples” dir, and copying the “MSS_samples_extra” files from the “_Lite” dir to the “Samples” dir.
After that you have to “Batch re-save” the instruments.

— Library size is 9.7GB or 16GB (from ~ 123GB)
— All samples are 16bit
— Only the “Close” mic exists

Modern Scoring Strings是一个全新的弦乐库 “a2 “divisi(每节2个divisi部分),由60个部分组成,通过录制不同的divisi部分(每次半个部分)精心设计,给你更多的灵活性,控制每个乐器和部分,各种发音和弓法。


自从2009年发布LA Scoring Strings以来,我们多次被问及Audiobro何时会发布一个新的或更新的弦乐库。我们总是说,只有当我们认为可以将弦乐采样的质量和多功能性向前推进一代时,我们才会这样做。我们认为你会同意我们的做法。


库的默认版本是完整的(16GB),包含所有的衔接(除了一些Aleatoric和Full Mix补丁–没有Close mic的声音)。

如果你不需要一些更 “奇特 “的发音(Trills, SulTasto, SulPont, Runs, Scales, Ostinato, Aleatoric),你可以通过删除 “Samples “目录下的 “MSS_samples_extra_1/2/3/4 “文件,并将”_Lite “目录下的 “MSS_samples_extra “文件复制到 “Samples “目录下,使它更小(9.6GB)。
之后,你必须 “批量重新保存 “这些乐器。

– 库的大小为9.7GB或16GB(从123GB开始)。
– 所有的采样都是16比特
– 只有 “Close “麦克风存在