[TRAP 音源需Kontakt加载]BigWerks Trap Influenced KONTAKT

P2P | 20 Mar 2018 | 2.09GB

Trap Influenced kontakt library was designed to fit the many different styles of trap music from the uptempo to the more laid back style of trap production.

We designed this kontakt library with just the right amount of aggressive and laid back (trap soul) type sounds to fulfill the wide variety of trap music!

Trap Influenced Has 14 Instrument Categories…

It also has a easy to use & intuitive interface which makes tweaking sounds and
adding fx simple to do.

Instruments include:
Arps, bass, bells, brass, guitars, fx, strings
keys, plucks, synth leads, pads
808s, flutes & synth keys.

FX include:
Amp envelope, filter envelope, filter, custom reverb.
Delay, phaser, eq, glide controls & arpeggiator.

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