VOX Sundae Vibes: Alt RnB Vocals WAV-FANTASTiC

Sundae Vibes brings the best of alternative RnB with a mixture of tasty vocal hooks from clean, wet and resampled toplines; to ambient loops, cool vocal adlibs, catchy repeated phrases and a huge selection of stunning lofi keys and electric organ arrangements.

Inspired by the melodic performances of Swae Lee, the lyrical prowess of Frank Ocean and the vocal chops of The Weeknd, this pack is not relegated exclusively to the RnB and Hip-Hop sphere. Delivering seriously emotive male vocals that can take on ballads and mesh seamlessly with more electronica backgrounds. Sundae Vibes Alt RnB Vocals is full of delicious treats.

239 Samples

Sundae Vibes 是另类 RnB 音乐中的佼佼者,它混合了干净、湿润和重新采样的前奏、氛围循环、酷炫的人声副歌、朗朗上口的重复乐句,以及大量精选的慵懒琴键和电子管风琴编曲。

受 Swae Lee 的旋律表演、Frank Ocean 的抒情能力和 The Weeknd 的唱功启发,这套音乐并不局限于 RnB 和 Hip-Hop 领域。它的男声唱腔极富感情,既能唱民谣,又能与电子乐背景完美融合。Sundae Vibes Alt RnB Vocals 充满了美味。

239 个样本