[POP waves ]Black Octopus Sound Make It Pop WAV-FLARE

Pop Music has evolved to become a powerhouse sound in so many different ‘styles’, that it only makes sense that you’d need a sample pack that can take get you there!

Pop and EDM sound designer/production extraordinaire ‘Audiojunkie’ brings you: Make It Pop! The library giving you that top of the charts sound! Inside this pack are ‘live’ focused sounds as much as synthetic sounds, such as full song stems with brass, bass, guitar, keys and drums, and more synth driven full mix sounds inspired by Synthpop, EDM and Retro flare!

Alongside 3 entire songs of full stems are Drum Samples and Loops, Melodic Loops and Leads (consisting of Bass, Piano, Guitar, Keys, Plucks, Real Instruments, Synths and Vocals), and One Shots ranging from Drums to FX and so much more!

As you can see; Make It Pop has it ALL! No matter which style of Pop music are you choosing to dive in on; Make It Pop will give you the ingredients you need to make that HIT SONG you’ve been dreaming of!

Grab “Make It Pop” today, and stay inspired for years to come!


· 12 808 One Shots
· 17 Bass Loops
· 83 Music Loops
· 72 Music One Shots
· 76 Drum Loops
· 61 Drum One Shots
· 13 FX One Shots
· 27 Song Starter Loops
· 9 Vocal Loops