Capsun ProAudio Motor City Soul Vol. 2 Vintage Hip Hop WAV-FLARE

Paying homage to the originators of sample based hip-hop and the records that inspired them. We recorded live performances with pro players including vintage upright pianos, muted jazz club trumpets, soulful guitars and moody double bass. These original compositions were polished, mixed and mastered and then resampled and re-imagined creating a complimentary collection. Dripping in nostalgia and all royalty free.

Care was taken in sourcing vintage instruments with character and working with talented musicians to compose and perfect instrumentation reminiscent of 70s themes, smoking room motifs and the natural feel of musicians improvising together. Classic microphone and mixing techniques were employed along with modern crisp engineering. We curated the best selection of loops and one shots from the performances and dosed them in analog warmth and soulful textures.

When resampling the compositions, we joined classic MPC style chops and analogue tape saturation to more forward thinking sound design. Using pitch and time, downsampling, reversing, saturation and more, the melodies will inspire Trap, Rap and Lofi Hip-Hop just as smoothly as Neo-Soul and Sampled Electronica.

Motor City Soul Vol. 2 includes an exclusive new drum kit created by Capsun. Once again, taking live drum breaks recorded by Arthouse Acoustics, he sampled, mixed and layered live drums with synthesis, foley and vintage secret sauce. Thick dry snares, tough kicks and crisp claps combine with pitched live hi-hats, live cymbals and metallic percussion. Featuring a full collection of drum loops and one shots.

Every loop has been meticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced. Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, Lofi Hip-Hop and Soulful Beats.


• 10 Crackle & FX
• 23 Drum & Perc Loops
• 39 Drum & Perc One Shots
• 218 Melodic Loops
• 72 Melodic One Shots

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