[HIP-HOP 4ever ]Touch Loops Hip Hop Future WAV-DISCOVER

[HIP-HOP 4ever ]Touch Loops Hip Hop Future WAV-DISCOVER

……:::::: Future Hip-Hop Sample Pack ::::::……
The return of beat maker extraordinaire Dusty Ohms is one not to be missed. Fusing together future hip-hop samples, UK Grime and classic Beats, ‘Hip-Hop Future’ delivers on all fronts.……:::::: MPC Saturated Beats ::::::……
From years of experimentation, DJ’ing and collecting stacks of old hardware, samplers and synths our producer of choice knows exactly what it takes to shake a sound system and get a crowd truly moving. From the tasteful saturation of an MPC and analogue outboard to the location recordings and synth design, Hip-Hob Future showcases a producer who 100% owns his craft.……:::::: Grime Inspirations ::::::……
Slammed inside this epic hip-hop collection you’ll find grime inspired beats and drums, trap tinged hi-hat loops, lo-fi hip-hop & 8 bit influenced synth loops, game boy tinged lead lines and everything in between. There’s also a batch of trademark sub bass lines, melodic and drum heavy one shots plus some stunning analogue rich pads and ambiences.

So if you want to add some swing, bite and uniqueness to your music then jump on board.. this one bangs!

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: (.WAVs)
• 128 x Individual (.WAVs) (One-Shots Samples) Files:
• 019 x (Bass Patches)
• 021 x (Synth Patches)
• 014 x (FX)
• 015 x (Hi-Hats)
• 021 x (Kicks)
• 017 x (Percussions)
• 021 x (Snares And Claps)
• 202 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops): Files
• 041 x (Bass)
• 084 x (Drums):
• 067 x (Beat Loops)
• 017 x (Percussion Loops)
• 030 x (Pads)
• 011 x (SFX)
• 036 x (Synths)
• 330 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free


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