[Serum音色扩展预设]Cymatics Element Plucks for Serum Vol.1 FXP


High quality pluck presets are few and far between.

And creating your own lush, melodic plucks that cut through a mix is almost as hard as finding them.

But the thing is, these plucks are crucial and can be a driving force for entire songs. Just look at artists like deadmau5 and Seven Lions who even have their own “signature” pluck!

So, to deliver more of these powerful elements to you, we crafted Element Plucks for Xfer Serum, so you never have to worry about finding the right plucks again.

Included in Element Plucks are 30 presets that ALL stand out in a mix. With unique wavetables made by the Cymatics team, each pluck is full in body and rich in timbre.

We actually even spent hours modelling some of these plucks after real instruments, leading to some really interesting and creative sounds!

Not to mention, each sound is fully macroed allowing for great customizability.

Automating any of these macros over time in your music will automatically add intrigue and tension to your music – pushing your song along and adding an immense amount of interest to your music.

Download Element Plucks, and be amazed at how much you can do with these 30 stellar presets!

Included in this pack:
30 Serum Pluck Presets

Format: .FXP
File Size (Zipped): 13.6 MB
File Count: 30 Presets