Cymatics SPICES Wav

DEC 1ST 2023 | 891 MB

250 多首受 Ice Spice 最热门歌曲启发的免费样品

对于这个包,我们的团队从 Ice Spice 最受欢迎的歌曲中汲取灵感,例如 Munch、In Ha Mood、Boy’s a Liar Pt。 2 及更多。

从强烈的 Drill 影响力到她最受欢迎的歌曲中的流行基调……

我们充分利用了引人注目的音效,使《Ice Spice》在 2023 年成为游戏中的佼佼者。

在里面,您将获得 250 多个受 Ice Spice 启发的全新旋律、鼓和 FX,全部 100% 免版税。

*此包在接下来的 48 小时内免费,所以请尽快抓住它!


250+ Free Samples Inspired by Ice Spice’s Biggest Hit Songs

For this pack, our team pulled inspiration from Ice Spice’s biggest hit songs such as Munch, In Ha Mood, Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 & more.

Between the hard hitting Drill influence, to the Pop undertones throughout her most popular songs…

We dialed into the attention grabbing sound that has brought Ice Spice to the top of the game in 2023.

Inside, you’ll get 250+ new Ice Spice inspired Melodies, Drums, & FX, all 100% royalty free.

*This pack is free for the next 48 hours, so grab it while you can!