Lethal Audio Expansion 25 Synthwave WiN/macOS

P2P | 1 December 2023 | 3.4 GB \ 3.4 GB

应大众需求,我们为您带来 Lethal 的最新版本 X25 SYNTHWAVE!

真实且永恒,这个广受追捧的复古模拟和独特 80 年代声音的集合的灵感直接来自 80 年代,我们在这里创建了一个包,它不仅会带来怀旧之情,而且会让您兴奋地将这些声音放入您的 下一个创作。

具有一整套极其有用的声音,从震撼的 80 年代贝斯、经典和混合合成器、主音、打击垫,一直到广泛的 80 年代鼓和通鼓,所有这些都具有原始的音频清晰度,并且绝对可以使用。

该包也非常适合冷潮、复古、蒸汽波和 80 年代迪斯科风格。




By popular demand, we bring you Lethal’s latest release, X25 SYNTHWAVE!

Authentic and timeless, this sought after collection of vintage analogue and uniquely 80s sounds are inspired directly from the 80s era, and we’ve created a pack here which will not only bring on the nostalgia but will have you excited to drop these sounds into your next creation.

Features a complete range of extremely useful sounds, ranging from shaking 80s basses, classic and hybrid synths, leads, pads, and all the way to an extensive range of 80s drums and toms, all in pristine audio clarity and are absolutely ready to use.

This pack also fits well into the chill wave, retro, vaporwave and 80s disco genre.

A must have for every producer.