Loops 4 Producers Illusions 5 WAV

Illusions 5 is a brand new sample pack that was made in the middle of major events going on in V.A.L.E.’s life. Each sample was processed using top of the line plugins and actual hardware. The melodies were made to attract attention and be easy to chop and add drums to. Each sample comes with stems included for easier use.

Illusions 5是一个全新的样本包,是在V.A.L.E.生活中发生的重大事件中制作的。每个样本都是用顶级的插件和实际的硬件进行处理。旋律的制作是为了吸引注意力,并易于切割和添加鼓点。每个样本都包含了主干,以便更容易使用。