Audiority Tube Modulator 1.1.0

Audiority has released a plug-in Tube Modulator that emulates the work of vintage modulation processors. According to the developers, the plug-in will offer musicians any kinds of processors of the 1950s-1960s .
Audiority Tube Modulator is a collection of tremolo, vibrato and other positional effects. In addition to the usual effects, the plugin also offers emulation of the Leslie effect, panner and “Wow Flutter”. The user can select the emulation to be used with a special regulator, and also adjust the shape of the sound wave with the LFO knob. In the center of the interface there is also a special display, which displays the amplitude and changes in the signal in real time.

Features :
7 tremolo / vibrato modes.
3 effects of spatial positioning.
11 waveforms of the LFO.
XY Scope.
Parameter linking.
Synchronization with tempo. 

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