【MAC版本染色器】Initial Audio Analog Pro v1.0.0

 Analog Pro animates your digital audio by mimicking the way in which analog equipment, such as tape recorders, valves and turntables, heats and saturates your sound. We recreated the flaws of audio playback from a cassette or player through the Wow and Flutter controls.
Analog Pro has many user-customizable controls, including noise, noise, pulse type, pulse mix, accent, stereo, bass, treble, Wow, Flutter and Amount, giving the user enough options to customize the sound to your liking. ,
Analog Pro sounds great on real instruments, such as the piano and copper, and can really make your instruments highlighted in your mix, sounding as if they were playing from a tape or player.
Analog Pro comes with an easy-to-use and resizable interface, use the Amount knob to control how much Analog Pro influences the signal.




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