PG Music RealDrums for Band-in-a-Box and RealBand WiN/MAC

PG Music RealDrums for Band-in-a-Box and RealBand WiN/MAC

WiN: 3.05 GB | MAC: 2.82 GB

RealDrums are not “samples” of single drum hits; they are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing along in perfect sync with the other Band-in-a-Box, RealBand and PowerTracks Pro Audio tracks.

As well as incredible drum sounds, you’ll hear the exact rhythms played by the drummer, including features seldom heard in MIDI such as subtle drum rolls, variations in ride cymbal taps, and complex fills.

RealDrums sound real because they ARE real!

There are hundreds of RealDrums styles available for Jazz, Rock-Pop, Country and more! All of the RealDrums Sets are included in the UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK and Audiophile Editions of Band-in-a-Box.

RealDrums Set 29: Country Pop
Includes 18 variations of Country Pop RealDrums, with two basic grooves, Even-16th Country Pop, and Country Ballad. With the multiple tempos and substyle variations, you’ll be able to mix and match to find the perfect RealDrums combination for your Country Masterpiece!

RealDrums Set 28: Smooth Jazz
This set provides everything you need for your Smooth Jazz record! It includes 3 different grooves, and each grooves has 4 different substyles and multiple tempos, so the combinations are endless! SmoothHipHop is an Urban-influenced Smooth Jazz style with a swinging groove, and works well over a wide tempo range, from a very slow groove at 55bpm, to an uptempo Hoppin’ groove at 100bpm. The Ballad and Pop styles are even-16th-based, and provide a solid foundation over a wide tempo range. And, though these styles were designed to be used in a Smooth Jazz setting, they work equally well backing up Rock or Modern Country!

RealDrums Set 27: More Rock
RealDrums Set 27: More Rock adds to our already stellar selection of Rock RealDrums styles with ModernRnBRock, ModernRockWaltz, and more! These styles blend perfectly with various RealTracks in RealPAK: Rock-Pop 3, and all of the styles have multiple variations, so you can try out all of the options until you find the perfect groove for your song!

RealDrums Set 26: Nashville Brushes 2
Just like RealDrums Set 25, you’ll find some Classic Country Brushes played in a wide variety that will turn your country composition into a masterpiece. With different styles of playing and a wide variety of tempos, this RealDrums Set is sure to compliment your country tunes.

RealDrums Set 25: Nashville Brushes 1
Looking for a classic sound to add to your Country song? With RealDrums Set 25 you’ll receive a helping of Nashville Country drums! With plenty of Brushes in this set, a wide range of tempos, and a swinging Waltz. A must have for any Country player!

RealDrums Set 24: Jazz Waltz
Looking for a Waltz Jazz Drummer? RealDrums Set 24 is just what you need! This Set has Classic Older Waltz drumming as well as Jazz Drumming great Terry Clarke playing in a Waltz time. Try these RealDrums with other Jazz Waltz RealTracks.

RealDrums Set 23: Classic Jazz
Are you ready for some Classic Jazz? These Older style Jazz Drums cover a wide range of tempos and also include a number of variations. These RealDrums have Brushes and Sticks and an option to play in 4’s. This means the drummer will alternate between playing 4 bars of normal playing and then play 4 bars of fills.

RealDrums Set 22: Modern Rock
With more Rock Drums in RealDrums Set 22, you can be sure to find the right variation to accompany your latest Rock composition! These RealDrums include ‘Driving’, ‘Hard Modern’, ‘Half Time Thrash’, ‘Roots’, and ‘Modern Syncopated’ – all at varying tempos so you can be sure to have a solid drummer once you press play!

RealDrums Set 21: Rock, Blues, Metal & More!
It’s time to rock with RealDrums Set 21! We’ve got some hard hitting, awesome sounding drums which will satisfy all your rock needs. There are some laid back Southern style rock and some classic British drums. We also have Metal styles which cover a wide variety of tempos and a few Half-Time feel styles. The Blues styles are perfect for slower tempo grooves and acoustic numbers. Get jamming right away on your latest rock number with RealDrums Set 21!

RealDrums Set 20: LA Pop Jazz
We know you’re going to love this RealDrums Set featuring Pop-Rock styles with a Jazz approach and flavor – the kind of approach used by some of the L.A.-based Pop-Jazz groups. With these RealDrums, you’ll be jivin’ all the way down Sunset Blvd.

RealDrums Set 19: Terry Clarke – Trading Fours
Any working musician knows that a drummer’s time to shine is during the drum solo! The most common way for drummers to solo is with the use of “Trading Fours”, where the drummer solos for 4 bars, then a different musician solos for 4 bars, then back to the drummer, etc. Now you can trade fours with world-class drummer Terry Clarke!

RealDrums Set 18: Terry Clarke – Classic Jazz and Bossa
With world-class drummer Terry Clarke sitting behind the kit, you’ll have everything you need to take your Jazz or Bossa Masterpiece to the next level! Terry’s got everything covered; using both brushes and sticks with several variations each to choose from. You can use either brushes-only, sticks-only, or for some variety you can have Terry switch to sticks halfway through your song to give it an extra boost of energy.

RealDrums Set 17: Terry Clarke – Modern Jazz
So, you’ve composed a Modern Jazz Masterpiece, and all that’s left is to find a world class drummer to step behind the kit… Enter virtuoso Terry Clarke! With RealDrums Set 17 you get 16 Terry Clarke Modern Jazz grooves to fit any of your creations. This RealDrums set will give years of playing pleasure to any Jazz Musician.

RealDrums Set 16: Urban Pop
Welcome to the world of modern urban-influenced pop! If you want your song to sound like it’s coming straight out of a top-40 radio station, this is the RealDrums set for you! This set runs the gamut from upbeat girl-band/boy-band grooves to hard-driven hip-hop grooves.

RealDrums Set 15: Techno 2: Party
Time to get the Party started! These Techno RealDrums are made for people who like high BPMs. With this RealDrums Set you will be pumping out authentic Drum and Bass, Jungle, and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) beats that will get everyone on the dance floor!

RealDrums Set 14: Techno 1: Progressive
Break out some massive beats with the latest in Progressive Techno stylings! This RealDrums Set uses the genuine techniques of professional DJ’s and Producers to provide you with authentic Techno drums.

RealDrums Set 13: Salsa Moderna
Welcome to the new wave of Salsa music! This RealDrums Set brings you the hip grooves of the next generation of Salsa players. These percussion-only styles represent the cutting edge of today’s Salsa scene!

RealDrums Set 12: Salsa Clasica
You’ll be completely immersed in Latin culture with our traditional Salsa RealDrums Set. These percussion-only grooves authentically capture the essence of traditional Salsa music. You won’t be able to keep your feet still!

RealDrums Set 11: About Time
Are you ready to add a new level of sophistication to your playing? Then the About Time RealDrums Set is just what you need! This RealDrums Set is full of odd time signature grooves like 15:16 Pop, 7:8 Rock, 6:8 Jazz, and many more! Plus each one has an accompanying Band-in-a-Box Style, so you can have the whole band playing your odd time signature masterpiece!

RealDrums Set 10: Bossa and Jazz!
RealDrums Set 10 expands your library of Band-in-a-Box Bossa and Jazz drum styles. The BossaBrushesPerc style contains a full drum kit, playing with both brushes and sticks, along with a percussion ensemble. There are also variations of this style that have percussion only, or percussion for the “A” section with the full drum kit joining in at the “B” section! Also included are the often-requested 5/4 styles (swing and even 8ths) as well as the BossaToSwing, or “Dolphin” style. This style features an even8 Bossa groove for the “A” section, going into a killer swing groove for the “B” section.

RealDrums Set 9: Ethnic and Country
RealDrums Set 9 is just what every Folk musician needs! Whether you’re playing a Celtic jig, or a Country waltz, this set has what you need. Also included are styles such as Country2Beat, EthnicSwing, EthnicWaltz, and more! Each style was recorded at multiple tempos and with multiple variations, so you know you’ll always be able to find just the right groove.

RealDrums Set 8: Lite Pop
RealDrums Set 8 contains many essential Pop grooves, such as PopShuffle, RockSwing16, Disco, and more! Each style has multiple variations so you know you’re always going to find that perfect part for your song.

RealDrums Set 7: Nashville Swing
RealDrums Set 7 continues the Nashville series with “Nashville Swing”. This set contains a Swing8 groove and a Swing8Waltz, as well as other styles such as NashvilleShuffle, Nashville128, and more! All styles have multiple variations, and were recorded at a variety of tempos, so you know every time you press play, the drummer is going to nail the part!

RealDrums Set 6: Nashville Classic
Recorded by Nashville’s hottest session players, these grooves give you the authentic Nashville experience! Styles such as NashvilleEven8 & NashvilleEven16 can be used with many Band-in-a-Box styles, while styles such as NashvilleOutlaw & NashvilleSouthern can be used when you have a specific groove in mind. Every style has multiple variations, and was recorded at multiple tempos, so you know you’ll always find the right drum part for your song!

RealDrums Set 5: Latin
For RealDrums Set 5, we’ve put together a huge library of Latin styles – Mambo, Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Tango, and ChaCha! In addition, each of these styles has a regular version (Drum-Kit only), a Full version (Drum Kit+Percussion), and a Percussion-only version. But that’s not all! We’ve created many unique variations for each style, and with over 80 variations in total, the possibilities are endless! Give the same song a totally different sound simply by selecting a different variation of the same RealDrums style! All of the RealDrums styles were recorded with top session players, so you know you’re getting the best.

RealDrums Set 4: Rock, Pop and More!
RealDrums Set 4 features a variety of style groups, including Country (CountryTrain and CountryTrain8), Grunge, Jazz (JazzShuffle), Pop (pop 12/8, PopBouncy), and Rock (RockHardEven8 and RockShuffle). It also includes the first of the Percussion styles – BossaRock (Drum kit-only), BossaRockFull (Drum Kit+Percussion), and BossaRockPerc (Percussion-only). But there’s more! We’ve created many unique variations for each of the RealDrums styles. For example, for BossaRockPerc, you could have Percussion playing in the A section and Sticks playing in the B section, or choose another variation and have Congas in A and Brushes in B! RealDrums Set 4 contains over 50 variations in total! And, because each style was recorded at multiple tempos, you always know you’re going to get the right playing for the job!

RealDrums Set 3: Fusion, Hip-Hop and More!
The RealDrums Set 3 features a variety of styles groups, including Fusion (JazzEven8, JazzEven16), Country (CountryShuffle), Jazz Swing (JazzBrushesSticks, JazzBrushes2FeelAtB) and Hip-Hop. A wide variety of tempos in all groups means that no matter what tempo you select in Band-in-a-Box, the drum part is guaranteed to fit the bill! JazzBrushesSticks features brushes playing in the “A” section, and then switches to sticks in the “B” section, which is something you often see at a live Jazz gig. Also included is a special “2 Feel at ‘B'” style, which is for slow ballads. The drummer plays slowly for the “A” section, and then switches to double-time for the “B” section. The JazzEven8 and JazzEven16 styles are great to use with the many modern Jazz and Fusion Band-in-a-Box styles.

RealDrums Set 2: Waltzes, Country and More!
RealDrums Set 2 features both even 8ths and Swing Waltzes, as well as straight-ahead Jazz, Reggae, and a selection of Country styles. The PopWaltz and JazzBrushesWaltz styles feature cool brushes playing in the “A” section, and then switches to sticks in the “B” section to give your song a boost of energy. The Jazz style features classic hi hat patterns through the “A” section, and then switches to the ride cymbal for the “B” section. There are three Country styles to choose from, including CountryEven16, CountryEven8 and CountrySwing. The even 8 and even 16 styles are great to use for modern radio Country, and CountrySwing can be used for a great old Texas Swing tune. Also included is a Reggae groove that sits right in the pocket. All RealDrums styles were recorded with top session players, so you know you’re getting the best!

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